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Blended Massage

Deep Tissue


30 minutes


60 minutes


90 minutes 


120 minutes


180 minutes


Session Enhancements

Adaptogen Drinking Elixir + 5 minutes + $10
Aromatherapy + 5 minutes + $15
Card Consultation + 10 minutes + $15
Collagen Black Pearl Mask + $50
Crystal Therapy + $20

Dry Brushing (includes brush) + $30
Energy Balancing + 10 minutes + $20

Foot Bath + Reflexology + 20 minutes + $45
Scalp Treatment + 10 minutes + $20
Self-care Consultation + 15 minutes + $20

Sheet Mask + 5 minutes + $15
Sound Healing + 20 minutes + $45


Distance Energywork + 30 minutes = $45


Make a prayer request or ask a question. Gain clarity with a consultation from your deck of choice: Medicine Cards, Earth Warriors Oracle, or Star Tarot. This is not divination, it's science. We use these tools to reach your subconscious and gain access to the answers already inside you.


Energy Channeling + 60 minutes = $90


Clear lingering energetic attachments in a meditation guided by sacred fire smudging, crystal therapy, and energy manipulation. Gain clarity with a reading from your deck of choice: Medicine Cards, Earth Warriors Oracle, or Star Tarot. Close the session with a salt cleanse and blessings.


Sound Healing + 90 minutes = $125

Recline in your favorite restorative pose for an hour of channeled sound therapy utilizing the full collection of BB tools: n'goni African harp, drums, sound bowls, shakers, and shamanic chanting. Open your heart to the vibrations of our ancestors. The session time includes consultation and setting space with the tools.

Home Cleansing + 20 minutes = $45

Move stagnant energy and set intentions for your sanctuary though use of shamanic tools. The ceremony begins with calling in of ancestors and spiritual guides as well as protection from darker forces. Then each corner of every room will be blessed by sacred fire smudging and sound ceremony.

& Ritual

Grandmaster through the Usui/ Karuna lineages and shaman to the voice of my island ancestors, I am here to stand vessel for the forces of the eternal.


If you are looking for spa luxury, these treatments are for you. Every service utilizes only high quality earth based products that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

90 minutes 


Body Scrub

A full body exfoliation and remineralization with fine grain Himalayan salt. After a quick shower, you'll return to the table for your choice of a blended massage or Reiki treatment.

Clay Wrap

Ground with the minerals of the earth under a compression wrap. After a quick shower, you'll return to the table for your choice of a blended massage or Reiki treatment.

Hot Stone & Cold Crystal Massage

Melt away stress and tension with hot polished basalt stones chased by ice-cold  agate. This treatment can be focused either on relaxation or therapeutic pain relief.

Sound + Massage ft Dustin Borlack

Live Sound Healing + Massage/Reiki 
+ 60 minutes = $200

Enjoy your choice of blended massage or Reiki treatment accompanied by international sound healing practitioner Dustin Borlack. Keep tuned for tour dates.

  • Didgeridoo

  • Native American Flute

  • Idiopan® Tongue Drums

  • Percussion 

  • Singing Bowls

Blessed Bath + 120 minutes = $250


Your choice of blessed bath: aromatherapy salt bath, hydrating milk bath, or detoxifying clay bath. As the bath is drawn, water prayers and crystals purify each drop. Before soaking in the tub, enjoy a facial massage and masque. After rinsing off you will return to the table for either therapeutic massage or indigenous energywork.


Sacred Session + 120 minutes = $300


  • Foot Soak + Reflexology 

    • Drinking Elixir

    • Card Consultation

    • Sound Healing

  • Energy Channeling

  • Blended Massage

    • Aromatherapy

  • Self Care Consultation


Limited availability
transformative treatments

for mind, body, soul.

Event &
Corporate Therapy

Boost team moral or spice up your next event with the
Bodywork Babe.

Guided Sound Journey

Achieve energetic balance in a hour group session with a soothing combination of intentional awareness and auditory stimulus.

Chair & Table Massage/Reiki

Craft a contract to meet your events' needs utilizing chair and/or table. Plan out timed staff lists or have a complementary bodywork booth for guests. Additional therapists available by request.

Sound Healing

When you need ambiance that leaves an impact, live sound healing performances are a must - whether you need background music, guest interaction, or a central component.

Bodywork Babe aspires to serve individuals and communities in pursuit of well being.

Beverly Kennedy, @bodyworkbabe

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