and Relax

Traditional Swedish Massage

Light to Medium Pressure
Full Body, no target area
Luxury Body Products by Epicuren
Crystal Aromatherapy
Energy Balancing

$175/ 60 minutes
$240/ 90 minutes



Medical Grade Massage Gun

1-20 Speed, 8 Attachment Heads
Targeted or Full Body (Time Dependent) 
No Body Products
Optional: Anatomical Awareness Training

$50/ 15 minutes
$75/ 30 minutes

$130/ 60 minutes


no draping

no table, floor session

Concierge Fees

* All concierge services provided by Bodywork Babe will include an additional  time buffer to account for table dressing, consultation, and privacy according to modality. This additional time is accounted in the session fee, but will be added to the hands-on booking time listed in services above.

  • draped sessions: 20 minutes

  • clothes-on sessions: 10 minutes

  • example: 60 min R&R = 80 minutes

** Sessions fees include all services charges. If the service is stellar, gratuity is accepted but not expected. 

*** Booking priority based on order of inquiry. Book first for the best slots!

Intuitive Bodywork

Therapuetic Targeted Manipulation

Light to Extremely Deep
Targeted areas, in order of Priority
Little to No Body Products

Optional: Anatomical Awareness Training     

Epicuren Arnica Lotion


$150/ 60 minutes
$215/ 90 minutes
$275/ 120 minutes


no draping

Tandem Sound Massage

Signature Service!

Tandem: Two Facilitators in Sync

  • Beverly Kennedy LMT 

  • Musician, Dustin Borlack 

Crystal Aromatherapy
Guided Breathwork
Energy Balancing
Live Sound Healing 

Instrument selection based on focus and session length. Some of the variety you may experience:

crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, shakers n shakers, frame drums, didgeridoo, ocean drum, tongue drum, handpan, shruti box, flute, chimes, and more!

Choose  a  Hands-on  Focus:

Option 1:  Rest & Relax

$275/ 60 minutes
$340/ 90 minutes

    private session


Option 2:  Bodywork

$250/ 60 minutes                 
$315/ 90 minutes

6 guests maximum 

clothes-on, no draping

no table, 3+ guests

yoga mats suggested

Virtual Consultation

Beverly will be in contact shortly!


Cristine Smith, Hospitality

"Tandem sound message: Wow!!! I have never experience anything like it. The vibrations of [Dustin's] instruments mixed with Beverly's magic hands and energy. I felt like a rejuvenated human. Many blessings!"